Why Is It Called Badger Hair?

In America, a tool made with a handle, a head of hair and that is used by a man to shave is called a shaving brush. However, the only tool that would be acceptable to use for shaving is a badger hair shaving brush because badger hair is the only type of hair that retains water and keeping hot water on the face is the secret to getting the perfect shave.

badger hair shaving brush at eshave.com Interestingly enough, the French, in a very purist way call a shaving brush blaireau, which is the French term for badger. There is no word for shaving brush in French, because quite frankly - if its not made of badger hair- its not a shaving brush.

A shaving brush is also called a shavers best friend because really, a badger brush will make the whole difference in your shave. Your grandfather knew it, your father probably rejected it, and you are now rediscovering it!

As mentioned, badger hair is the only type of hair that retains water and using warm water is the professional barber's secret to a great shave. The combination of hot water mixing with the shave cream and the brush results in a thicker, richer, more emollient lather thats impossible to get with your fingers alone.

Now, not only will the brush help prepare your skin, but it also exfoliates as it raises and softens the hair for a smooth, close shave.

In short, using a badger hair shaving brush will not only make you look good, but its also good FOR you!