What Makes A Badger Hair Shaving Brush Good?

A shaving brush is made up of the handle and the bristle load. When trying to decide which brush is right for you, consider these three points:

Density- Density is important but frankly, its better to have a brush with fewer hair of high quality than a brush with lots of hair of poor quality.

Head- There are many ways to assemble a badger hair head. And depending on the type of assembling, you will either get a good full head or a flimsy shaving brush after some use. I will compare a shaving brush head to a flower bouquet or arrangement. The bad head will look like a flower arrangement: it looks nice the first few days, and then you realize its just a few flowers plugged into some foam. How do you know what youre getting when it comes to your badger hair brush? Easy, stick your finger in the middle of the head to touch the hair, you will feel a prick (its a plug). Stay away from it! If all you feel is hair when you press down, then you know youre getting a good head: a head that is made exclusively of badger hair, no plug, no filling, no extra glue, just all hair.

Construction- A full tight knot will give you a longer lasting and better quality brush versus a plug, which after a couple of weeks or months will be flimsy and practically unusable with no hold to it.

Handle- Some handles are molded, if you notice a line in the middle of the handle, it means its poor quality plastic and craftsmanship. Better quality brushes would have a handle made of either metal or high quality plastic such as casted plastic or turned Lucite. Look for a handle that will last you as long as your brush. There are many high-quality handles out there, including simulated ivory and gorgeous Lucite.

So be mindful and do your homework before buying a shaving brush!